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Medi-Invest distributes and maintains equipment of world brands in laser and light therapy, and energy based devices. Skinline is reputed for its honest commercial approach, thorough training and impeccable service.

Reliability and professionalism are the cornerstones of our sales policy.

Medi-Invest is the exclusive distributor of the brands Lutronic, Zimmer, Vydence and Wellcomet, complemented by a number of other devices to complete its range.

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Our specializations​

A selection of the many possibilities of our products.

Skin rejuvenation

As the skin ages, it becomes less active and therefore sheds dead cells more difficultly, while the production of new cells slows down.

In our product range, we have numerous devices that can offer a solution to this for your customers.

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Wrinkle- reduction

Sooner or later we are all confronted with it: wrinkles. At Medi-Invest we offer the right equipment that can be used for professional wrinkle treatment.

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Hair removal

Permanent laser hair removal offers a number of advantages over more traditional hair removal methods such as waxing or shaving.

Thus, laser hair removal is a solution that is not only safe and effective but also durable. We offer solutions for every skin type and various hair colours.

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Skin quality

We offer numerous solutions for improving the texture and colour of the skin by stimulating collagen production.

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Scar treatment

Scars are visible skin abnormalities that remain after healing of a wound.  The skin repairs itself with connective tissue, after which a scar is formed.

We provide devices that make scars more even, make the skin structure healthier and thus hardly noticeable.

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Tattoo removal

As a tattoo removal market is growing exponentially, the demand for lasers is also increasing strongly.

Medi-Invest offers in this segment only the most powerful devices equipped with functions to not only remove tattoos but also to prevent scarring.

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