Handpico of vydence laser for tattoo removal

Discover the power of the groundbreaking Picolaser handpiece, the handPICO

Discover the power of our breakthrough microfraction picosecond laser with wavelengths of 1,064/532 nm. This advanced technology offers unmatched precision and speed for skin improvement, tattoo removal and various aesthetic treatments.
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Tattoo removal

Discover the breakthrough power of our microfraction picosecond laser with wavelengths of 1,064/532 nm. As the world's first and only microfraction picosecond handpiece, this device offers revolutionary technology for skin improvement, pigmentation problems and tattoo removal. With unprecedented precision and speed, this laser treatment uses ultra-short pulses to rejuvenate skin, remove tattoos and address various aesthetic concerns. Experience the most advanced microfraction-level laser treatment for radiant and youthful-looking skin.

The handPICO® is equipped with the world's fastest and most advanced LASER technology for aesthetic treatments, namely the picosecond LASER. The ultra-fast pulses of picosecond treatments do not heat or damage the skin surface, providing greater comfort with effective results in just a few sessions and with minimal recovery time, which may not even be present, depending on the type of treatment.

This portable handpiece is designed for ultimate convenience. It is easy to carry and ready to use. Thanks to the lack of an articulating arm, the handpiece offers more stability and requires less maintenance. In addition, you will find that using this microfraction picosecond laser requires no consumables, resulting in reduced costs and more efficient treatment.

With the handPICO, there are as many as 6 different spots, allowing you to perform a wide range of treatments with a single device. Whether you want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade pigmentation or remove tattoos, this microfraction picosecond laser offers the versatility you need.

The advanced technology of this laser uses ultra-short pulses to treat the skin at a microscopic level. This stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes, produces collagen and elastin and effectively addresses signs of aging. In addition, this laser is also very effective in removing tattoos and treating various skin conditions. The results are amazing, resulting in smoother, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Now experience for yourself the power and effectiveness of our microfraction picosecond laser. With this advanced technology, you can offer your clients a whole new dimension of skin improvement and tattoo removal. Let your practice lead the way in the cosmetic industry and deliver outstanding results with the most advanced microfraction laser treatment.

Wavelength 1064nm - 532nm
Spotsize 1064nm : 3 & 5 mm ; 6x6(MLA)
532nm: 3 & 5mm
Maximum energy 500mJ
Operation mode ps & ns
Pulse duration 530ps & 2.5ns
repetition rate 10Hz

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