Handpiece of etherea vydence, NdYap , prodeep laser

ProDeep®: The Nd:YAP handpiece for skin rejuvenation with the Etherea-MX laser

ProDeep® introduces the latest generation laser that offers your practice a unique technology for non-ablative fractional rejuvenation. ProDeep® works on the subdermal layers of the tissue and stimulates collagen in depth, effectively reducing mild to moderate wrinkles , various stretch marks and scars.
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Stretch marks
Skin Improvement

ProDeep® is the revolutionary handpiece used with the Etherea-MX laser, and it uses advanced Nd:YAP technology with a wavelength of 1340nm. This special handpiece offers unmatched penetration depth and clinical efficacy, making it the ideal choice for in-depth laser treatments.

The ProDeep handpiece allows targeted heat energy and laser beams to penetrate deep into the skin, where they stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. This results in significant improvement in skin condition, including firmer and smoother skin, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

What really sets the ProDeep handpiece apart is its versatility. It can be combined with other handpieces of the Etherea-MX, giving you a wide range of treatment options to meet the specific needs of your patients. Whether treating acne scars, stretch marks, coarse pores, or improving overall skin texture, the ProDeep handpiece delivers remarkable results.

Another key advantage of the ProDeep handpiece is that it is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime. Patients can quickly return to their daily activities without prolonged recovery time. Thanks to the ProDeep handpiece, they can enjoy the benefits of effective and comfortable treatment while continuing their busy lives.

Now discover the power of the ProDeep handpiece, designed specifically for use with the Etherea-MX laser. Combined with other handpieces of the Etherea-MX, you can offer a comprehensive range of treatments, strengthening your practice as a leading authority on skin rejuvenation and enhancement. Transform your patients' skin to a new level of beauty and youthfulness with ProDeep and Etherea-MX.

Wavelength  Nd:YAP 1340 nm
Spotsizes 6 mm, collimated lensing
8 mm, 100 mtz/cm2 fractional lens array
-10mm, 400 mtz/cm2 fractional lens array
Maximum energy 200 mJ/mtz
Pulse duration 3 to 20 ms
Integrated coupling system air-cooling sytem adapter available
Repetition rate  up to 2.5 Hz
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This device works in conjunction with
VYdence's etherea platform



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