LifeViz Pro – 3D photography reinvented

The LifeViz Pro is a groundbreaking solution in terms of ergonomics and user-friendliness. It has never been easier to optimise your time and workflow. The first 3D system based on a hybrid camera works for the whole body. The device shows more than just redness, wrinkles, etc. You can also view before and after images next to each other in 3D. The spots are shown without background, which makes it easier and faster to read the results.

LifeViz Pro Connect

The LifeViz Pro is the first photo system to integrate WiFi. This makes it easy to transfer images wirelessly. Images of patients can be used immediately. This saves time and simplifies your workflow.

AI-powered suite

The software in the LifeViz Pro is powered by AI, artificial intelligence. You don’t have to become the best photographer to take quality photos. By integrating AI, you create a streamlined workflow. Thanks to the 3D photography system, the focus can shift to what really matters: the patients.

Get the most accurate results with the 3D camera

The LifeViz Pro reaches a new level of image quality. Never before were results with your 3D system so accurate. The professional image quality is coupled with intuitiveness and ease of use. In this way, the device offers a solution that pleases both patient and therapist.

Properties LifeViz Pro
Images of the face and body
Compact solution
Easy to use
Following up on changes
Measurements and comparison tools
3D skin analysis
Easy to share images
Simulation of treatment
Wireless WiFi connection
Wireless image transmission
Artificial Intelligence
High image quality