LaseMD:  Laser Assisted Single Effective Molecules Delivery

LaseMD is a cutting edge ‘cosmeceutical delivery system’ which combines a sophisticated laser system with its exclusive line of ampoules which are based on the multi-nanosome granulated technology.

The concept of the Lasemd™ is to combine a gentle laser treatment (thulium laser 1927nm) with specifically designed active and effective ingredients (VA, VC, TA, RS) that together synergistically stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

Since ordinary cosmetics have great difficulty penetrating the skins barrier, resulting in poor absorption, the laser first creates a micro-wound within the tissue, thus allowing the cosmeceuticals to more easily and effectively penetrate deep into the skin.

The nanosized molecules of the LaseMD ampoules are optimized for the channels created by the thulium laser. Leaving the stratum corneum partially intact, the specific wavelength creates a reservoir to accept the active ingredients into the epidermis and dermis.


The magnetic tracking system enables speedy treatments by measuring the distance of rolling to obtain exact shots


Optimized procedure: 6 minutes, including incubation and lasing time


Safely treats all skin types all year round for a large variety of indications


The minimal beam diameter (100µ) provides a more comfortable treatment without need for anesthesia and virtually no downtime


A beautifully designed station

A compact and state-of-the-art ergonomic handpiece

An innovative and intuitive transparent touch user interface

Major indications

  • wrinkle reduction
  • skin laxity
  • brightening
  • pigment reduction
  • melasma
  • scar reduction
  • hair loss