Electroporation Needling System


When injecting microneedles (33 gauge) at 0-2mm depth below the skin surface, they create micro-pores on the dermal fibroblast membranes which facilitates drug delivery with high molecular weight.


1. A precise and controllable treatment

Automatic needling – 3 needling speed levels – 5 intensity levels of electroporation – accurate needling depth with mechanically extreme precision

2. Safe procedure

Disposable sterilized needle tips- separately packed – adjustable control of multiple (9 per tip) needle penetration depth, up to 2mm – restriction of flowing back of the drug into the device

3. Ergonomic design

A non-slip grip – Operator friendly pen-type device for fatigue-free procedures


Improving scars

Skin brightening

Skin firming

Pore contraction

Improving wrinkles

Hair regeneration