The proven solution for frictional CO2 laser skin treatment

The fractional CO2 laser technology offers an optimum solutions to lasersurgery treatmentT. he fractionaltechnology of Fraction CO2™ delivers the CO2 laser energy in a fractional patt rn, whichleaves untreated regions between the treated regions of skin. As thetreated regions are much smallerthan untreated, healthy tissue,the healing time is significantly shortened. Ultimately, the laser providesadvanced substantial wrinkleremoval,superficial skin tightening and total skin rejuvenation.

Fraction CO2™ is the most convenient standard for fractionated laser delivery

The fractional ablative lasersystem deliversmicroscopiccolumnsof 10,600nm CO2 laser energy into the skin.It provides stable and efficient results with far less downtimeand risk
In the above skin diagram, the left drawing represents the fractionally ablated skin, shown to a depth of 10 to 70 microns. This laser is fractional and the skinheals much more quickly. The rightdrawing shows a general case of ablative fractional resurfacing to a depth of 600 to 1,000 microns. The maximum ablation depth of the FractionCO2™ is 2,000 microns