Gentle Pro: Male perfromance enhancement

Zimmer MedizinSysteme has many years of experience in various medical applications of radial shockwaves and as a result, with the new GentlePro, we offer our customers another shockwave system specially designed to enhance male sexual performance.

Various clinical studies on erectile dysfunction demonstrated a significant improvement in perfusion and the formation of new vessels which is crucial for a high level of patient acceptance and a successful application.

Rapid results

Depending on the degree of erectile dysfunction, an average of about 5 to 8 treatments are needed to achieve a lasting improvement in the erection. A positive change and a longer or stronger erection is often reported after just the first application.

Shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction is successful as a stand-alone application and can also be used in combination with other forms of treatment. Shockwave treatment can therefore be successfully combined with PRP applications, vacuum pumps or also PDE-5 inhibitors (vasodilators), among others. The application is also virtually painless and has no known  adverse effects.

With shockwave treatment, it is possible to significantly promote increased perfusion and stimulate the formation of new vascular structures at the same time. The radial shockwaves, which are emitted on the shaft of the penis as well as on the area around the genitals, support the natural stimulation of the area to be treated, particularly in the case of erectile dysfunction due to vascular causes. Shockwave therapy takes up to 25 minutes and should be performed 2-3 times per week.

Simple treatment

The GentlePro shockwave system is equipped with an innovative water-cooled shockwave generator which operates pleasantly quiet and ensures durability. The new ergonomic handpiece with a “shock absorber” offers the user the highest level of safety and maximum comfort and thus facilitates work. Thanks to the 15 mm applicator head, the energy from the radial shockwave can be introduced in a targeted manner into the desired area and ensures a highly successful application from the outset.

The large 12” display with ultramodern touch screen technology allows the pre-set programs to be found quickly and easily and special patient- or application-specific programs to be saved. Other parameters which are important for a successful application, such as frequency, energy, and the number of pulses to be emitted, can be easily changed with just a few “clicks”.

Advantages of shockwave treatment

  • Non-invasive treatment ·  No downtime
  • Virtually painless application
  •  User-friendly application
  •  Improvement in the erection
  •  More spontaneous sex life
  •  No painful prostaglandin injections
  •  Almost no risks or adverse effects
  •  Well-tolerated treatment method
  • Male perfromance enhancement