HydraBeauty: Refresh, Resurface and Rehydrate your skin

Working Principle

The combination of 3 functions for complete skin care

HydraBeauty is a skin care system which uses its specialized tip to exfoliate, pore cleanse, and also penetrate the differentiated premium solutions into the skin by using the principle of electroporation in order to make the skin clear and clean.

Aqua Cleansing system – Radial Tip

Solution is emitted from central aperture and spread along the solution path while in contact with the skin, dissolving impurities then exits through the waste inlet port.

Solution penetrates through electroporation

Effective solution penetration for skin rejuvenation and nutrition.
3 types of LED light.


It is a method of making substances of certain molecular weight going through the cell membrane. Electro pulses disturb phospholipid bilayer to temporarily make pores on cell surface and they are closed when the electro pulses stop and the solution penetrates into the cell through the pores.

Peeling through Diamond tips

Exfoliates dead skin and impurities by vacuum pressure which maximizes solution absorption effect resulting in much smoother skin and tone. It offers 3 types of tips for different skin types and applied regions.

AquaClean Clinic Solution

Step 1
Non-irritating Cleansing
Penetrates lactic Acid, a soluble

solution (AHA), to dissolve bacteria, sebum, cosmetic residue in the pores.

Step 2
T-Zone intensive care
Applies salicylic acid, an oil controlling solution (BHA), to cleanse the pore from sebum, black-head, etc.

Step 3
Supplements moisture & nourishments
Permeates portulaca extract to provide vitamin B supplement, anti-oxidant effect, moisturize, melanin control, and supplement nourishing agents.

Step 4
Cleans and Disinfect system
Cleans and disinfect system after completing step 3.


A . Mounting Space
Easy to install solutions | Easy system cleaning and maintenance
| Clear bottle for easier | verification of remainder

B . 4 different types of solution
· S1 : Hydrate and exfoliate with AHA
· S2 : Oil control with BHA
· S3 : Nourish and Moisturize
· S4 : System cleaner

C . 5.7 inch wide LCD screen
Solution emission in 3 different levels | level adjustable Vacuum| 4 different solution selection | Clog preventive system

D . Handpiece & tips
Ergonomically designed handpiece | Stable vacuum suction
| Easy and fast tip connection

E . Large Capacity Waste Container
One-step container connection | Over Flow utilization for safety
| Large container capacity at 2.5L | Easy to clean



Type: Vacuum, Electroporation, Diamond peeling

Input Power: AC110~240V, 50/60Hz

Panel (LCD Module): 144mm(W)X104mm(D)

Dimensions:  (WxDxH mm)344 x 435 x 1060

Weight: 50Kg