LDM®-MED : For the health and beauty of your skin

LDM®-MED is a further development of the LDM® appliance range from Wellcomet®  and is an ultrasound machine specially developed for the medical sector combining two special technologies (LDM®Plus and the 10 MHz frequency).

With its dual-frequency ultrasound, LDM®Plus technology combines several physiological effects with each other simultaneously, which means that it can regulate the structure of the connective tissue specifically and effectively in various aesthetic and dermatological indications.

With the additional 10 MHz frequency, the LDM®-MED stands out clearly from other ultrasound machines used in cosmetics.

For progressive, holistic skin treatment, the LDM®-MED machine offers treatment opportunities for various skin diseases and programs for non-invasive aesthetic applications. With up to 19 program settings divided into aesthetic and dermatological menu items, the LDM®-MED covers the most important indications, providing an effective equipment-based treatment system for use in dermatology, cosmetic surgery and general medicine.

Some Applications:

Aesthetic Medicine

  •        Wrinkle reduction
  •        Skin tightening (face & body)
  •        Skin rejuvenation
  •        Anti-Aging
  •        Cellulite reduction
  •        Pre- and post-liposuction
  •        Pre- and post-facelift
  •        Stretch marks
  •        Circumference reduction
  •        Sonophoresis


  •        Acne
  •        Atopic / perioral dermatitis
  •        Ulcus cruris…
  •        Hypertrophic scars / Keloids
  •        Acne scars
  •        Eczema
  •        Psoriasis