LifeViz Mini – Portable 3D facial imaging system

The LifeViz Mini brings a change to every practice. The time of having a dedicated room with analysis equipment is over. The 3D photo system is portable, compact and extremely user-friendly. Due to its image quality and precision, it was awarded as the best aesthetic device and offers a solution to physicians worldwide.

The dual beam pointers of LifeViz Mini make it possible to take reproducible pictures without moving the system. The patient’s face is easily sculpted in 3D after only a few photos.

The device helps you improve patient care from the very first appointment. Using 3D photography, you can easily set joint expectations, which leads to faster decision-making. Moreover, the system also works as a visual guide for new patients. The detailed 3D photos show visible changes. This gives them reassurance, motivating them to consider further procedures.

Use of this system is recommended for:

  • Injectables
  • Fillers
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Facelift
  • Rhinoplasty

Easy, accurate and user-friendly

With the LifeViz Mini, results become clearer and more measurable than ever. The 3D images show a lifelike representation of the patient’s face. The dual beam pointers ensure that you quickly obtain reproducible images. One touch of a button gives you essential information that is easy to share on social media or your website.

3D in pre-op consultation

The unique 3D view of LifeViz Mini shows you the different face shapes from every possible angle. These 3D images are the only way to obtain comparable images during all consultations. Moreover, the evaluation of aesthetic treatments cannot be depicted with regular 2D photos.

Communication with patients becomes a piece of cake. Using the simulation, you can easily give patients an insight into the possible results and thus help them to achieve the desired outcome. In addition, a 3D skin evaluation is possible with customised reports on:

  • Wrinkles
  • Pores
  • Greasiness
  • Equality
  • Vascularisation
  • Pigmentation

3D in post-op consultation

By comparing measurements of the before and after images, you can easily gain the trust of your patients.

Easily assess the shape evolution by means of the silhouette function. By superimposing the before and after images, you confirm the effective treatment results in the patient.

The slider function allows you to slide the before and after photos to better illustrate the differences.