• Due to greater penetration of the wavelength and absorption by hemoglobin, LongPulse LASER offers the utmost precision, efficacy and safety for the treatment of vascular lesions in veins and vessels of different sizes and depths;
  •  The true LongPulse® technology, with longer pulse times of up to 60 ms, results in prolonged heating of the treatment target point, increasing the vessel’s internal temperature and improving the response;
  •  With spot sizes of 2, 3, 6 and 9 mm in diameter and maximum fluency of up to 500 J/cm2, LongPulse® offers maximum range for the treatment of various medical conditions related to vascular malformations on the face and limbs;
  •  LongPulse® is a safe therapeutic option with increased clinical efficacy, and scientifically proven results without contraindications, risk of complications or downtime, as can occur with other conventional techniques such as foam sclerotherapy;
  •  Unique Dynamics technology for thermal peeling, offering, variable pulses of 0.3 to 1 ms, effectively adding a technological solution to expand the range of clinical indications to include rejuvenation, rosacea and onychomycosis;

Available spots:  2, 3 and 6 mm;

Optional spots: 9 mm;