Semi-permanent make-up device

How does it work?

SGA is a device designed for semi-permanent make-up. SGA is a device that allows the site-specific treatment by programming appropriate and optimized speed for each mode. The needles, by continuously moving vertical upward and downward, inject micropigmentation in the target area.

Micropigmentation is the method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. With an ultra-thin needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes or lips is enhanced.

This treatment is also known as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing. However, the pigments used for permanent makeup are introduced less deeply into the skin layer and have a different composition from tattoo inks.

Micropigmentation devices are also more refined than tattoo machines, and the techniques that are used are different.

In addition to beauty purposes like eye liner, eye brows and lips, it can also be used to rebuild the appearance of the skin with regard to various conditions such as vitiligo, alopecia, scars, or the areola after breast reconstruction.


Controlling system for needle depth(from 0~2.0mm)

By using the needling depth control lever, able to adjust proper needling depth. There is a leader-line on every 0.2mm to enable to adjust the needling depth easily.

3 different needle types 

Depending on the treatment area and each purpose SGA provides three different types of needles for each specific treatment. Each needle is conditioned with sterile packing for hygienic treatment and ban to re-use.


It can be activated without any other adaptors and charge the normal battery for the activation.

4 different modes

Through the LCD screen, the operator can check various informations such as remaining battery charge, degree of power level of needling speed, modes of treatment etc. Through the SGA, able to do various modes, such as Lip. Eye line, Eye brow. Tattoo

Some other advantages

Handpiece storage
Possibility to store the handpiece inside the device so it can be protected from external pollution and stored hygienically.

Comfortable grip during long use
The use of non-slip materials on the gripping side, during the treatment, can prevent accidents and also improve treatment convenience.

Easy needling depth control 
With only a simple operation, the needling depth can be controlled by turning the handpiece.