The Etherea platform is the #1 Laser platform in the world’s 2nd largest aesthetic market.

A versatile system for the global market:

Manufactured to ISO/UL standards and having obtained FDA, CE, CAN/CSA and ANVISA CERTIFICATIONS, ETHEREA-MX® is a platform suited for the global market.

Quality, performance and longevity:

With significant backing from some of the largest high- tech venture capital firms in the US, Vydence has the capability and resources needed to ensure Etherea’s success in the global market, now and for years to come.

Established technologies, cutting edge execution:

Efficient fractional delivery, reducing residual thermal damage. Square-wave pulse technology that provides safe and improved outcomes. Versatile treatment options from an all-in-one plug and play handpiece system.  These are just some examples of the Etherea MX advantages.

Multiple handpieces with multiple options:

A SINGLE LASER platform with 7 technologies and 70+ treatment indications.

In addition to offering the best and most complete IPL technology on the market, with a total of 5 different wavelengths, ETHEREA-MX® LASER handpieces also all feature adjustable spot sizes, increasing the range of usage and taking the concept of versatility to a new standard within your clinical practice.