ACROMA-QS® - Etherea platform

The ACROMA-QS® technology is safe for the treatment of all phototypes without restrictions in the time of the year, allowing you to offer your patients a true LASER toning solution even in summer!

  • Therapeutic option, also for non-ablative fractional rejuvenation with ACROMA-QS®, through a fast (lunch) and virtually painless procedure without downtime, great results for body and face treatments;
  • An excellent investment in Q-switched LASER technology, which adds new possibilities to your clinical practice and offers a range of new options for cosmetic and therapeutic treatments;
  • Effective in tattoo removal, treatment and control of melasma and pigmented lesions - with indications extended to nevus, café-au-lait spots, lentigines, melanosis, ephelides, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and seborrheic keratoses;
  • ACROMA-QS® is a unique handpiece with two wavelengths - 1064 and 532 nm - with a higher energy input per pulse, which provides better efficiency in the removal of pigment lesions and artificial multi-coloured pigments;

Available spots: @1064 nm: 3, 5 and 7 mm; @532 nm: 3 mm;

Optional spots: @1064 nm: fractional 9 mm and 100 mtz/cm2; @532 nm: 5 mm;

This handpiece is part of the Etherea platform.

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