DualMode® - Etherea platform

DualMode® features a unique double-pulse (stacking) system with vapourisation and coagulation effects in the same shot, increasing the formation of RTD (residual thermal damage) on the treated tissue to achieve the same beneficial results as with CO2 lasers:

  • LASER peel: high LASER absorption by water with a wavelength of 2940 nm, combined with purely ablative shots (300-500 ms), results in controlled surface treatments with minimal down time;
  • Compared to CO2 LASER, DualMode® offers treatments with less risk of complications and adverse effects, in addition to reduced downtime and rapid improvement after treatment. All with the same safety, benefits and effectiveness;
  • Newly optimised LASER microfractionation system, which allows smaller laser beams to be generated with greater energy density, increasing the relative irradiance of the DualMode shot, achieving greater penetration depth and reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation;
  • DualMode® allows the combination of treatments with different levels of aggressiveness, using fractional lenses at 100 and 400 mtz with different diameters, widely varying pulse durations - 300 us to 5 ms - and repetition rates up to 1.5 Hz;
  • A LASER peel in less than 1 minute, with a frequency of up to 5 Hz in SingleMode, the ETHEREA-MX DualMode technology offers a faster treatment option that greatly increases the efficiency of the platform.
  • DualMode® INLIFT®: A new intraoral treatment option for the ETHEREA-MX® platform, indicated for a tightening and lifting effect through the power of LASER technology, in a virtually painless treatment with no downtime, providing excellent results;
  • DualMode® ATHENA®: a treatment method for the female intimate anatomy that offers a minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure, which is safe, precise and without downtime, and gives a high degree of satisfaction through clinically proven results;

Available spots:

  • inLift spot for intraoral tightening, plus fractional 8 mm and 100 mtz/cm2, fractional 8 mm and 400 mtz/cm2, and 6 mm; optional spot: 2.5 mm
  • ATHENA90+ and ATHENA360 for the intimate LASER treatment of women


This handpiece is part of the Etherea platform.

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