Cryo 7

State-of-the-art technology
and more than 25 years of experience

Cryo is the perfect system for cooling the skin during laser applications and injections of all kinds. The cold air device provides lasting pain relief and prevents thermal damage to the skin during laser and IPL applications.
Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cooling sprays or ice packs, with Cryo the skin can be cooled before, during and after the laser application without hindering the effect of the laser.

Zimmer MedizinSysteme
Cryotherapy expertise, made in Germany

Cooling the skin with cold air is a widely used technique in dermatological laser therapy. We investigated the influence of cold air cooling with different skin temperatures on the therapeutic results in treatments of telangiectasia in the face with pulsed dye laser.

Maximum ease of operation

User-friendly design
- Energy-saving eco standby operation
- Storage space for 100 favourites
- High-resolution 10-inch touch display
- Custom colours and presets

Easier to operate than ever

Works effortlessly for you
- Software reminder when water tank is full
- Air filter can be replaced quickly and easily
- Magnetic tube attachment
- Automatic maintenance reminder

Form meets function

Ergonomic and stylish
- Easier on the back thanks to ergonomic height
- Swivel spring arm for one-handed operation
- Quiet operation
- Space-saving with a narrow footprint
- A real eye-catcher in the modern practice

Energy and cost saving

Using the new Cryo 7 only brings low consumption costs for you. The new standby mode also minimises energy costs.
The Cryo 7 is designed for reliable operation all day long. The defrost function and the software-controlled monitoring of the defrost water quantity ensure smooth operation. In addition, the air filter is easily accessible and can be quickly replaced when dirty.
Numerous technical innovations make the Cryo 7 even quieter. This makes treatment considerably more pleasant for everyone: for your patients and also for the staff.

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