Clarity II laser device from lutronic for laser hair removal

Clarity II: the professional hair removal device

Looking for a professional laser hair removal device to take your practice to the next level? The CLARITY II™ is a powerful platform with two wavelengths, 755nm and 1064nm. Thanks to the Clarity II, you can safely and efficiently treat the broadest indications with ease.
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Laser hair removal
Skin Improvement

Clarity II is a professional laser hair removal device that can significantly save time and provide even more efficient treatment. Its innovative design includes: a single fiber for all spot sizes (2-25 mm) and the combination of two powerful wavelengths, namely 755 nm and 1064 nm. With a user-friendly interface and automatic calibration after a change in parameters, the Clarity II is extremely easy to use. The Clarity II allows you to treat faster and more effectively, saving valuable time.

Only CLARITY II offers two new, clinically valuable features that help practitioners deliver effective laser hair removal treatment: IntelliTrak™ technology and temperature measurement.
The patented IntelliTrak™ technology ensures constant and fast energy delivery at your chosen parameters, no matter how fast you glide over the skin. The temperature measurement provides real-time feedback to monitor the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

Revolutionary IntelliTrak™ technology & temperature measurement

Only the Clarity II offers these two new clinically valuable features to further support practitioners in their treatments such as laser hair removal, vascular lesions,.... The patented IntelliTrak™ technology ensures constant energy delivery at your chosen parameters, regardless of how fast you glide over the skin.

IntelliTrak™ Free hand stamping

Only CLARITY II™ offers user-friendly real-time temperature detection. The LED on the handpiece reflects the corresponding colors on the screen for easy viewing during treatments. Temperature measurement gives the practitioner more customized feedback to the patient, which can lead to increased clinical confidence and better outcomes. The innovative Clarity II platform is a new feat of intelligent design for Lutronic's Intelligent Care™ program.

Lutronic's Clarity II™ is the powerful and even faster "intelligent" version of the Clarity I

With the introduction of the Clarity II, Lutronic has set a new standard for professional laser hair removal devices. As the powerful and even faster "intelligent" version of its predecessor, the Clarity I, the Clarity II offers advanced features and improvements that take treatments to the next level.

  • Higher power 755/1064nm platform for effective treatments up to 45% faster.
  • Brilliantly removes hair, pigment and vascular lesions in all skin types.
  • IntelliTrak™ technology and real-time temperature measurement provide increased practitioner confidence and even safer and more efficient treatment.

The Clarity II provides an answer to the most common indications in a medical practice

Let the Clarity II be your answer to the most common indications in your medical practice. From laser hair removal to skin rejuvenation and more, the Clarity II offers the versatility and reliability you need. Invest in the future of your practice with the professional laser hair removal device that will deliver impressive results time after time.

  •  Laser hair removal
  •  Pigment lesions
  •  Skin Rejuvenation
  •  Rosacea
  •  Couperose
  •  Hemangiomas
  •  Bone vessels
  •  Fungal nails
  •  And more...

With the Clarity II as your professional laser hair removal device, you can rely on the power, speed and precision needed to achieve excellent results. It is an investment in the future of your practice, allowing you to expand your service offerings and provide the best possible treatments. Experience the benefits of the Clarity II for yourself and transform your treatments to a new level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Wavelength 755 nm / 1064 nm (Alexandrite / Nd:YAG)
Light source Fiber laser (works with any spot size)
Pulse Energy

(Max Fluence)

Max 100 J at Nd:YAG

Max 60 J at Alexandrite

(Max Fluence: 600 J/cm2)

Pulse duration 0.10 ms - 300 ms
Pulse Rate 0.5 - 10 Hz
Spotsizes 2, 3-5, 8-10-12, 15-18-22, 16-20-25 mm , Fractional(FRX) Ø 16mm, 3×10 mm
Operation Foot pedal or via handpiece
Cooling type Cryo ICD or air-cooling
Dimensions and weight 99.9cm x 95.2cm x 56.4cm ; 110kg
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