Leasing Medi-Invest

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Grow your business with a customized lease formula

Medi-Invest helps you grow as a company by offering interesting lease formulas that significantly lower the purchase threshold.

Because of our years of experience in the market, we work with a number of leasing companies to always provide the best offer for you.

If you had already requested a lease proposal and it was not approved, be sure to contact us as well, we helped many customers get started with an appropriate financing proposal.

Healthcare professionals want the best for their practice and their patients. They want to innovate, they want to move forward. Preferably with the latest equipment, with state-of-the-art equipment that expresses their expertise even better. With leasing, the purchase price is no longer a barrier, focus on innovation without financial surprises and create peace of mind and financial predictability.

In order to grow, it is important to have working capital. This means you need cash to meet other obligations. Money that you would have otherwise invested in equipment can now surely be put to more profitable use.

Why wait to invest in new equipment? Instead of having to save up the required amount first, you can start using your new equipment right away.

This allows you to generate revenue from day one and, if possible, not only pay off the amount of your investment monthly but also generate additional income immediately.

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