Lutronic's spectra XT Q-switched laser for tattoo removal and skin improvement

SPECTRA™ XT Q-Switch Nd:YAG multiplatform: Discover the versatile power

SPECTRA™ XT Q-Switch Nd:YAG multiplatform: Discover the versatile capabilities of the SPECTRA XT laser, an advanced system with four different wavelengths. With unique treatment options, such as "Gold Toning" and "RuVY Touch," the SPECTRA XT offers unmatched versatility and precision.
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Tattoo removal
Skin Improvement

Welcome to the versatile world of the SPECTRA XT laser, an advanced system that offers a wide range of treatment options with adjustable parameters for minimal downtime. With four different adjustable wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm), the SPECTRA XT is a powerful tool that offers unique advantages over other lasers.

One of the outstanding features of the SPECTRA XT is its ability to offer new treatments, such as "Gold Toning" at 595 nm. This technique uses the specific wavelength to effectively reduce pigmentation spots and promote an even complexion. There is also "RuVY Touch" at 660 nm, a treatment aimed at skin rejuvenation and improving skin texture. With these additions to the treatment arsenal, the SPECTRA XT opens new doors for aesthetic professionals.

The SPECTRA XT is also equipped with the capability of maximum energy of 45 J/s at 1064 nm. This feature allows for effective treatment of deeper pigmentation and tattoos, making it a valuable option for patients with diverse needs. Whether reducing traumatic tattoos or treating various pigmentation conditions, the SPECTRA XT offers a versatile solution.

In addition to its comprehensive treatment options, the SPECTRA XT is also cost-effective. The system has a very long service life and operational reliability, making it a sustainable investment for any clinic or practice. In addition, it requires no consumables and is maintenance-free, minimizing operational costs.

Choose the SPECTRA XT laser and enter a world of versatility, precision and effectiveness. With its adjustable parameters, various wavelengths and new treatment options, the SPECTRA XT guarantees excellent results and satisfaction for practitioners and patients alike.

Wavelength 1064/532/585/595/650/660 nm
Technology Nd:YAG laser
Pulse duration Q-Switch-Mode 5-10 ns
Spectramode 300 µs
Pulse rate         S1, 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 (Hz)
Standard handpiece  10 mm-Zoom-collimated: 2-10 mm (1064 nm) / 1.3-8.1 mm (532 nm)
Gold Toning: 5 mm
RuVY Touch: 2.3 mm
Handpieces (optional) 2-7 mm Zoom: 2-7 mm (1064 nm) / 1.3-5.2 mm (532 nm)
1064 nm fractional: 6 x 6 (mm)
532 nm fractional: 4 x 4 (mm)
2-mm-SD585: 2 mm
2-mm-SD650: 2 mm
Electrical connection Single-phase 220 to 230 V AC (fuse 250 V / 15 A) 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 3.5 kVA
Dimensions  (mm) 295 (W) x 656 (L) x 1527 (H)
Weight (kg) 73.1 kg

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