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New generation of aftercare products: Pharmann's innovative aesthetic line

Discover Pharmann's innovative Aesthetic line, developed specifically for the aftercare of laser treatments and aesthetic treatments. With advanced products such as LASERAT™ CREAM and cooling masks, this line offers an effective solution for optimal skin care after your treatments.
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Meet Pharmann's revolutionary Aesthetic line, specially designed for aftercare for various treatments such as laser treatments and other aesthetic treatments. This exclusive line offers a range of products essential for optimal aftercare and rapid skin recovery.

With the LASERAT™ CREAM, COOLING FACE MASK, COOLING NECK MASK and COOLING DECOLLETAGE MASK, Pharmann offers a complete and targeted solution for the aftercare of your treatments. These products use an advanced transdermal delivery system with liposomal technology, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper and more effectively into the skin.

Thanks to liposomal technology, the active ingredients are encapsulated in tiny liposomes, which act as powerful transporters. This allows the ingredients to penetrate better and deeper into the skin, where they can do their job of nourishing, hydrating and repairing the skin. This results in improved healing, reduction of redness and irritation, and overall skin improvement.

The LASERAT™ CREAM provides specific care for the treated skin, with soothing and healing properties. The COOLING FACE MASK, COOLING NECK MASK and COOLING DECOLLETAGE MASK provide a cooling and soothing effect, soothing the skin immediately after treatment and accelerating healing.

Pharmann's Aesthetic line guarantees high quality and effectiveness. With the transdermal delivery system and liposomal technology, these products offer an advanced approach to aftercare, allowing you to enjoy a faster and better recovery of your skin after laser treatments and aesthetic procedures.

Let your skin glow with Pharmann's Aesthetic line and experience the benefits of transdermal delivery with liposomal technology. Trust Pharmann's expertise for your aftercare needs and enjoy skin that is healthy, hydrated and radiant.

Available products:
Laserat™ cream
Cooling face mask 
Cooling neck mask 
Cooling decollete mask
Arnizen™ cream gel 

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