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Ultimate anti-aging care with Laboratoire du Peptide™ by Pharmann

These innovative cosmeceuticals are specifically designed to effectively address the signs of aging. With a complete range of high-quality products, Laboratoire du Peptide™ offers the perfect solution for women striving for youthful and radiant skin.
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The Laboratoire du Peptide™ series is specifically designed for women who want to successfully combat the signs of aging. Laboratoire du Peptide™ cosmeceuticals offer complete daily care for all skin types. The Laboratoire du Peptide™ series consists of 5 highly effective cosmeceuticals:

  • Serum for the face
  • Eye serum
  • Night cream
  • Day cream with SPF 20
  • Hydrating micellar cleanser

Experience the power of Laboratoire du Peptide™ and give your skin the care it deserves. These advanced formulas are developed with premium ingredients to effectively address the signs of aging. Feel confident and radiant with the Laboratoire du Peptide™ range. Discover the ultimate combination of science and beauty for youthful radiance.

The definitive solution for reducing lines and wrinkles - specially designed for women who want to fight against signs of aging. With "botox-like", "collagen-boosting" and brightening effects, made possible by biomimetic peptides in liposomal technology. A careful selection of active ingredients that enhance the anti-aging effect, such as biomimetic peptides, vitamins A, B and E, hyaluronic acid, and more. Thanks to liposomal technology, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layers, guarantee long-term effectiveness and significantly increase the effectiveness of the cosmeceuticals applied. Successfully combat the signs of aging with Pharmann's anti-aging line: Laboratoire du Peptide.


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