microneedling pen EPN of Eunsung with electroporation

EPN: Microneedling with the innovative electroporation system

Our microneedling pen with electroporation system is all about innovation. With this advanced system, we offer the ability to take skin care in your practice to the next level. Discover how this system combines precision and convenience for impressive results.
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Stretch marks
Skin Improvement

Innovation is at the heart of the Microneedling system with electroporation. This system combines automatic needling and electroporation technology to maximize the absorption of active ingredients. By creating fine perforations in the skin while applying electrical stimulation, the system can treat various indications

Electroporation uses high-voltage pulses to create temporary openings on the skin surface, allowing effective delivery of active ingredients in a short period of time. This provides safe and effective treatment without irritation or pain....

Benefits that make a difference:

  1. Precise and controllable treatment: Thanks to automatic needling with 3 speeds, 5 levels of intensity of electroporation and a precision needling depth with extreme mechanical accuracy, you can precisely tailor treatments to your patients' needs.
  2. Safe Procedure: Your customers' safety is guaranteed with sterilized single-use needle tips, individually packaged. The device offers adjustable control of multiple needle penetration depth (9 per head) up to 2 mm, while limiting product reflux into the device.
  3. Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design includes a non-slip handle and a user-friendly pen-like device for fatigue-free treatments.

Versatile Indications:
The system is versatile and offers effective solutions for various indications.

  • Fading of scars
  • Skin Brightening
  • Skin tightening
  • Contraction of dilated pores
  • Improvement of wrinkles
  • Promotion of hair growth

Experience the future of aesthetic treatments with the microneedling system with electroporation. Contact us for more information and discover how this innovative technology can enrich your practice.

Type Microneedling + electroporation
Needling RPM 1 Level: 4000
2 level: 4500
3 level: 5000
Depth of needle 0-2.0mm
Needle Gage 33G
Electroporation 5 Intensity levels
Needle Disposable sterilized needles

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