FlexSys: The Powerful 'KTP' Laser for Effective Removal of Red Vein Injuries and Pigmentation Spots

Meet the FlexSys, a "KTP" laser that completely transforms the way red vascular lesions and pigmentation are treated. With its advanced wavelength of 532 nm and impressive performance, FlexSys delivers instantly visible results and offers a versatile solution for various vascular conditions and skin problems.
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Enter the world of FlexSys, the revolutionary "KTP" laser that is the key to removing red vascular lesions, pigmentation, and more. With its recognized wavelength of 532 nm, FlexSys is the gold standard for effective treatments of red vascular lesions, with the wavelength being absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin often providing immediate results after just one treatment.

FlexSys stands out not only for its recognized wavelength, but also for its power and safety. With a power of 8 W, FlexSys delivers high fluence and short pulses, making treatments both powerful and safe. In addition, the optional scanner enables rapid and homogeneous treatment of larger areas, further increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of treatments.

The versatility of FlexSys is impressive. In addition to removing red vascular lesions, FlexSys also offers excellent results in removing pigmentation. Moreover, the handpiece can be used for minor dermatosurgical procedures of benign skin growths, making it a valuable addition to your practice.

What makes FlexSys truly cost-effective is not only its impressive performance, but also its durability and reliability. With a very long service life and maintenance-free operation, FlexSys eliminates the need for consumables and minimizes operating costs.

Experience the power, versatility and cost-effectiveness of FlexSys and give your practice a competitive advantage. Offer your patients radiant results and satisfaction with FlexSys, the ultimate partner for non-invasive aesthetic treatments.


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