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Healite II™: A device for LED light therapy

Discover the power of Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) with HEALITE II, an LED phototherapy system. It is a revolutionary approach to therapeutic light use for various indications and benefits in treatments. With its advanced LED technology, effective wavelengths(830 & 633nm) and safe application, HEALITE II offers customized treatments for skin improvement, pain relief and much more.
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Skin Improvement

Discover the power of Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), also known as light therapy, with HEALITE II, a revolutionary approach to therapeutic light use. LLLT with HEALITE II uses incident light to photomodulate cell function and offers a wide range of health and wellness benefits. Whether improving healing times, relieving pain, reducing active acne, promoting skin rejuvenation or treating musculoskeletal complaints, HEALITE II provides effective results without any risk of physical trauma or thermal damage.

Using advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, HEALITE II delivers precisely metered light of 830/590 and 633 nm wavelengths. These specific wavelengths have unique properties that are beneficial for the treatment of various conditions. HEALITE II's correct and targeted delivery system ensures that the light is precisely delivered to the desired areas, achieving optimal results.

Discover the versatility of LLLT with HEALITE II, the leading LED light therapy device. It can be used both as a stand-alone therapy and as a complement to other treatments. Whether you are looking for an effective treatment for skin rejuvenation, reducing inflammation or relieving painful symptoms, HEALITE II can meet your needs.

Another important feature of HEALITE II is its safety. Unlike other light therapies, there are no risks of physical trauma or thermal damage, making it suitable for patients of all ages. In addition, LLLT with HEALITE II is pain-free and non-invasive, ensuring a comfortable treatment without side effects.

Why LLLT with LEDs?

- Ideal wavelengths
- Powerful enough to penetrate deeply where needed
- Works at the subcellular, cellular and tissue levels
- Works alone or as adjunctive therapy
- Treats multiple indications
- Pain-free, non-invasive, treatment of patients of all ages

Why HEALITE II™ device as LED light therapy?

Lutronic's HEALITE II is equipped with 1800 long-lasting, high-quality LEDs and uses Photo-Sequencing Technology (PST). This technology, developed by Prof. Dr. Glen Calderhead, shows that the simultaneous emission of yellow light makes the cells more receptive to infrared light. In addition, the HEALITE II features Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT), which provides more focused light and significantly improves irradiation efficiency compared to other systems in which much light is lost because the light is too diffuse.

Discover the benefits of LLLT with HEALITE II today and experience effective and safe treatments for various skin conditions and musculoskeletal complaints.

Other benefits of LED therapy:

The HEALITE II is not only an advanced light therapy system, but also offers additional benefits to both practitioner and patient. With its fully adjustable head, panels and arm, ergonomic design, user-friendly touch screen and stable and easily maneuverable construction, the HEALITE II provides effortless and comfortable treatment while offering flexibility and precision for optimal results.

Indications for Healite II™ - with or without other complementary applications:

- Accelerates wound healing after laser or surgery
- Reduces pain, bruising, edema and erythema
- Prevents scarring
- Reduces PIH
- Improves clinical outcomes
- Non-melanoma Skin Cancer (Exogenous PDT with 5-ALA)
- Active Acne (Endogenous PDT).
- Skin Rejuvenation
- Promotes hair growth

Wavelength 830 (w/ 590), 633
Light source LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
Type and Degree of Protection Against Electrical Shock CLASS I/No applied part
Electrical Rating 50/60 Hz, FUSE 250 V/6.3 A, AC 100-230V
Power 600 VA
Interface 3.2" Touch LCD Module
Cooling type Cold air
Dimensions  Body (mm): 556 (W) x 671 (L) x 1562 (H)
  Head (mm): 510(W) x 300(L)
Weight 27 kg
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