LaseMD from lutronic thulium laser

LaseMD: The new dimension of skin rejuvenation and cosmeceutical delivery

The LaseMD™ is an optimized laser device that can be used to create precise microchannels in the skin in a controlled manner, into which advanced cosmeceuticals are inserted that accelerate the skin's self-repair from within.
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LaseMD: Laser Assisted Single Effective Molecules Delivery

LaseMD is an advanced laser system specifically designed for effective skin rejuvenation. Using a mild thulium laser (1927 nm) and specially developed active ingredients in the form of ampoules, LaseMD offers a unique "cosmeceutical delivery system.

The concept of LaseMD revolves around combining the laser treatment with the synergistic action of the active ingredients (such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C,...).

Unlike ordinary cosmetics that struggle to penetrate the skin barrier, LaseMD's laser first creates microscopic wounds in the tissue, allowing the cosmeceuticals to be more easily and effectively absorbed into deeper skin layers.

The nano-sized molecules in the LaseMD ampoules are optimized to pass through the channels created by the laser. This laser initially forms tiny channels in the skin tissue, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

LaseMD Ampoules:
With the range of VC, VA, TA and RS ampoules, it is possible to provide advanced solutions for different indications.


Vitamin C (VC) is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that makes skin younger and healthier by promoting healthy collagen structures. It also helps rejuvenate sun-damaged skin and skin damaged by photo-aging.


Vitamin A (VA), and more specifically retinoic acid, is proven to naturally reverse the signs of aging skin. Retinoic acid improves aging skin by switching on and upregulating genes to help the keratinocytes of the epidermal basal layer differentiate into mature and healthy epidermal cells.


Tranexamic acid (TA) has been used systemically for decades to promote wound healing after plastic surgery. An unexpected side effect that doctors and scientists discovered was that it brightened the skin, so it was subsequently used to address melasma, among other things.


The RS ampoule contains the highest quality resveratrol (95% purity), a naturally occurring polyphenol, in nanoparticles combined with low molecular hyaluronic acid. The amount of resveratrol in 1 RS ampoule is almost equivalent to the resveratrol content of 500 bottles of wine and helps protect against UV-induced skin carcinogenesis and photo-aging.

ampiules for treatments with the LaseMD for skin improvement

Benefits LaseMD

Smart and efficient: The magnetic tracking system allows quick treatments by accurately measuring distance to deliver precise shots.

Speed and versatility: An ultra-fast procedure with a total treatment time of only 6 minutes, including incubation and laser time. In addition, LaseMD is safe to use on all skin types throughout the year and offers a wide range of applications.

Convenience and comfort: Thanks to the minimum beam diameter of 100 µm, the treatment is more comfortable, rarely requires anesthesia and has virtually no downtime.

Elegant design: The laser station is beautifully designed and the handpiece is compact and ultra-modern. The intuitive user interface with transparent touch operation makes operation easy and user-friendly.

Key Indications LaseMD is suitable for several indications, including reducing wrinkles, firming the skin, brightening the complexion, reducing pigmentation, treating melasma, fading scars and addressing hair loss.

Technology  thulium laser   
Wavelength 1927 nm
Power  1~5 W
Energy 1-20 mJ
Target beam 658 nm < 5 mW
Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions  413.6 mm (W) x 324.75 mm (L) x 278.32 mm (H)
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