Lifeviz Pro, skin analysis device

LifeViz Pro: 3D skin analysis device

Discover the LifeViz® Mini, the award-winning skin analysis device that gives aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons a portable, compact and easy-to-use solution to analyze and illustrate the face in 3D.
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Skin Analysis

Discover the versatility of the LifeViz® Infinity, an advanced skin analysis device that provides a comprehensive 3D solution for facial, body and breast procedures. This powerful system allows you to capture accurate 3D images, allowing patients to see themselves realistically and in detail. Whether you are consulting, scheduling treatments or documenting before-and-after photos, the LifeViz® Pro is a compact and easy-to-use skin analysis device that enhances physician-patient communication. Invest in a skin analysis device today and take your practice to the next level.

The award-winning LifeViz® Pro is a skin analysis device that has become an essential tool for aesthetic professionals. With the LifeViz® Pro offers a comprehensive 3D solution for various procedures and treatments. The Lifeviz pro is a user-friendly skin analysis device, it offers excellent image quality and allows you to make accurate and detailed analyses. By purchasing a skin analysis device, you are investing in the growth and success of your aesthetic practice while improving patient satisfaction. Make the decision to purchase a skin analysis device today and experience the benefits of this advanced technology for yourself.

The benefits of a 3D skin analysis device

3D reconstruction is playing an increasing role in the evaluation of face, body and breast in 3D. Integrating 3D images into a consultation allows the physician to visualize the patient's body from multiple angles and at different zoom levels. With standardized before-after images, 3D consultations are entering a new era.

Apply a global standard of beauty to your patients. Assess facial angles, measurements and proportions for height and width and check how close their face is to the Golden Mean. Quickly obtain 360° measurements for body shaping and breast measurements for augmentation mammoplasty to assess a patient's shape before any procedure and establish an open dialogue.

Reassure your patients and ensure more comprehensive and harmonious results thanks to live simulation. Quantify in advance the expected volume change for facial rejuvenation, body contouring and breast surgery.

With one click, evaluate the health of your patient's skin on the following criteria:
Wrinkles - Pores - Oilyness - Evenness - Red spots / Brown spots - Red card / brown card

Images of the face and body
Compact solution
Easy to use
Following up on changes
Measurements and comparison tools
3D skin analysis
Easy to share images
Simulation of treatment
Wireless WiFi connection
Wireless image transmission
Artificial Intelligence
High image quality

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