Lifeviz mini device for skin analysis

Transform your practice with the portable 3D skin analysis device: Meet the LifeViz Mini®

Meet the LifeViz Mini, a revolutionary portable 3D skin analysis system that transforms any practice. With its compact and user-friendly design, this system allows aesthetic professionals around the world to take high-quality 3D photos and perform detailed skin analysis.
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Skin Analysis

Discover the LifeViz Mini, a portable 3D analysis system that will revolutionize any practice. This compact and easy-to-use system allows doctors, skin therapists and aestheticians worldwide to take and easily analyze high-quality, accurate 3D images. With award-winning image quality and precision, the LifeViz Mini is the best choice for aesthetic professionals.

Thanks to our dual beam pointers, reproducible photos can be taken without repositioning the system. After just three photos, which are automatically merged, the patient's face is effortlessly reconstructed in 3D, regardless of the environment. The portable and movable nature of the LifeViz® Mini makes it easy to take the system with you to different locations. Moreover, no specific background is required while taking pictures, making the process even easier for both practitioner and patient.

With the LifeViz® Mini system, we offer not only a complete 3D view of the face, but also the ability for in-depth analysis of various skin parameters. Advanced image processing technology allows us to take detailed measurements on areas such as pores, pigmentation, fine lines, redness and other skin characteristics. This comprehensive analysis allows practitioners to create a personalized treatment plan and accurately track treatment progress. With the LifeViz® Mini system, you are assured of a comprehensive and scientifically based approach to aesthetic care.

View results by using the slider between before and after pictures to better illustrate the differences. With the LifeViz® Mini system, you can easily visualize the impact of aesthetic treatments by comparing before and after images side by side. This convenient slider feature allows you to clearly see and communicate the transformation of the skin to your patients. This allows you to increase your patients' confidence by showing them objective evidence of the results achieved.

Discover the LifeViz Mini and take your practice to the next level with this portable 3D skin analysis system. With award-winning image quality and complete skin analysis, the LifeViz Mini allows you to take accurate measurements and visualize the progress of aesthetic treatments. Increase your patients' confidence by showing them objective evidence of the results achieved. The LifeViz Mini is your reliable partner in advanced aesthetic care.

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