Lamelat line from Pharmann

Lamelat: Pharmann's cosmeceutical series for skin improvement on pigmentation

Discover Lamelat: the cosmeceutical series from Pharmann, specially developed for skin improvement in the area of pigmentation problems. Experience a complementary therapy against hyperpigmentation that works 24/7, thanks to the use of the Lamelat day serum and night cream.
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Lamelat: the cosmeceutical series for skin brightening and regeneration. Discover our complementary therapy against hyperpigmentation that works 24/7 with the Lamelat day serum and night cream. The 2-in-1 day serum not only offers skin brightening and a radiant complexion, but also has a high SPF 50 in one product. Thanks to the biomimetic whitening peptide, an innovative and advanced active ingredient with unique whitening properties, melanogenesis is inhibited.

At Pharmann, we believe in the power of science and innovation to effectively address skin problems. That's why we developed Lamelat, a series of products specifically designed to address pigmentation problems and improve skin. Using advanced technologies such as liposomal technology, we ensure that the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, where they work long-lasting and effectively.

Lamelat is more than a cosmetic product. It is a complete therapeutic approach that cares for and regenerates the skin 24/7. Our unique combination and synergy of active ingredients offer a powerful and effective solution to pigmentation problems. Whether you suffer from dark spots, age spots or an uneven complexion, Lamelat is here to help.

Trust Pharmann's expertise and choose Lamelat as your partner in skin improvement. Our products are carefully formulated and tested to provide maximum results. Start using Lamelat today and see the transformation of your skin to a radiant, even complexion. With Lamelat, you can face the world with confidence, knowing that your skin looks its best.


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