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ZYE: 755 nm Alexandrite Laser platform from Vydence

Explore the versatility of Vydence's ZYE 755 nm Alexandrite Laser platform. With capacity for 3 fiber handpieces and compatibility with all Vydence handpieces and lasers, this advanced system offers a wide range of treatment options.
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Laser hair removal
Skin Improvement

Welcome to the world of the ZYE, Vydence's advanced 755 nm Alexandrite laser platform. A pioneer in medical aesthetic solutions, the ZYE offers a versatile and powerful approach to meet diverse needs. Combining innovative technologies and an intuitive design, the ZYE offers unparalleled results and ease of use.

The unique aspect of the ZYE is that it allows as many as 3 fiber handpieces to be connected to the 755 nm laser platform. Moreover, all of Vydence's handpieces are compatible with this platform. As a result, a variety of handpieces can be used, enabling the ZYE to perform a wide range of treatments. From removing unwanted hair growth to treating vascular lesions, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation, the ZYE offers a wider range of indications than just laser hair removal.

With the ZYE ALX® and ZYE YAG® lasers, equipped with exclusive ZYE® fiber optic handpieces, precision and comfort are paramount. Advanced technologies such as COOL-&-CLEAR®, ACCUSENSE®, and DYNAMICS® ensure safe and effective treatment.

Versatile fiber handpieces:

- 8-18/HR Handpiece for hair removal, with COOL-&-CLEAR® technology, ZYE TELESCOOP® and FLAT-FRAME®.
- 3-10/VL Handpiece for vascular lesions and LASER thermal peeling with COOL-&-CLEAR® and ZYE TELESCOOP®.
- 3-24/HR Handpiece for versatile applications, with 11 spots and LongPulse® and DYNAMICS® modes.

Discover how the ZYE can take your medical aesthetic practice to new heights. Contact us today for more information and let our team guide you as you explore the possibilities the ZYE has to offer. Invest in the future of your practice with the powerful ZYE Alexandrite Laser.

Wavelength  755nm 
Output power  55J 
Pulse duration  0.3 - 300ms
Cooling system Saphier and Cold Air 
Platform system  Yes 
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