Dualmode handpiece for ethereal platform from Vydence

DualMode®: The revolutionary Er:YAG laser for safe and precise skin treatments

Discover the groundbreaking DualMode® technology, which brings a next-generation Er:YAG LASER with a wavelength of 2940 nm to your clinical practice. With its unique ability to combine ablative and coagulative treatments, DualMode® offers unparalleled capabilities for a wide range of skin indications. Similar to CO2 LASER systems, DualMode® offers enhanced safety, precision and results for your patients.
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Meet the revolutionary DualMode® technology, which brings the next generation Er:YAG LASER , wavelength 2940nm, to your clinical practice. This exclusive technology allows you to combine ablative and coagulative treatments in one device, giving you unprecedented capabilities for a wide spectrum of indications. A versatile design that can enhance many indications and can also be used in conjunction with other technologies and handpieces of the Etherea-MX, further enhancing results and patient satisfaction.

DualMode® delivers superior results through the combination of ablative and coagulative pulses. This increases RTD (residual thermal damage) formation and directly stimulates collagen with the power of laser.
The principle of RTD formation by DualMode® technology corresponds to the positive results achieved with CO2 LASERs. However, thanks to the inherent properties of this technology, recovery time and risk of complications are significantly reduced.

Like CO2 LASER systems, DualMode® now offers improved safety and better results due to beam precision. The fractionated Er:YAG laser offers very safe and effective treatments with a lower risk of complications and side effects. In addition, there is less downtime, allowing patients to recover faster and return to their daily activities.

The unique double pulse (stacking) with vaporization and coagulation in one shot increases the formation of RTD on the treated tissue. This stimulates the contraction of collagen at deeper levels and provides gradual improvement with fewer treatments.

Discover the LASER's optimized microfractionation system used in DualMode®. With this system, smaller beams are generated, but with a higher energy concentration. This results in an increased relative irradiance of the DualMode shot, achieving greater penetration depth.

Superior results with Dualmode® technology

DualMode® offers a versatile treatment option thanks to its fractional lenses, namely 100 and 400 mtz. In addition, pulse duration and repetition rates can be fine-tuned, ranging from 300 µs to 5 ms and up to 5 Hz.

This flexibility allows practitioners to perform a combination of treatments with different levels of aggressiveness. This allows specific skin problems and indications to be addressed in a customized manner. Whether for superficial rejuvenation or deeper tissue stimulation, DualMode® can meet each patient's specific needs.

By using the right combination of fractional lenses, pulse duration and repetition rates, DualMode® allows you to provide an individualized approach and achieve optimal treatment results. Rely on the versatility and adaptability of DualMode® to meet the diverse needs of your patients and provide them with the best possible care.

Discover the power of fractional resurfacing like never before with DualMode®. With optimized microfractionation and the combination of ablative and coagulative pulses, DualMode® offers a versatile and precise treatment option for a variety of skin conditions.
Rely on DualMode® to push the boundaries of your clinical practice and provide your patients with effective, safe and personalized LASER treatments. Experience the benefits of this advanced technology and achieve optimal treatment results for radiant and healthy skin.

Laser wavelength  2940nm 
Spot size Ø 8 mm, 400 mtz/cm2 fractional lens array
Ø 8 mm, 100 mtz/cm2 fractional lens array
Ø 2.5 and 6* mm collimated lensing
INLIFT® for intra-oral laser treatments.
fractional lens array & collimated lensing
Maximum energy 8J
Pulse duration 300 μs to 400 ms
Integrated coupling plug system smoke evacuator sytem adapter available
Repetition rate up to 5 Hz
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This device works in conjunction with
VYdence's etherea platform



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