VYdence's etherea platform

The ETHEREA-MX®: The ultimate Laser platform with 7 handpieces and more than 70 treatment indications

ETHEREA-MX® is the next generation of laser and light platform technology. With multiple applications in one system, the ETHEREA-MX® is able to effectively offer a comprehensive range of the most popular aesthetic treatments.
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Tattoo removal
Stretch marks
Skin Improvement
Body contouring

The ETHEREA-MX® is an advanced laser platform developed and designed with years of experience in the aesthetic market. With its proven technologies and robust design, the laser platform ensures maximum uptime and delivers effective results. With an unmatched power output of 2300 watts, efficient fractional delivery and reduced thermal damage, the ETHEREA-MX® offers established technologies and advanced execution.

The laser platform uses Square wave pulse technology, allowing for safe, improved and reproducible results. In addition, the system offers versatile treatment options thanks to easily interchangeable handpieces. As an all-in-one plug-and-play system, the ETHEREA-MX® is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs in your clinical practice.

What makes the ETHEREA-MX® truly unique is its ability to support as many as 7 handpieces, each with their own specific technologies and treatment capabilities. With over 70 treatment indications, the ETHEREA-MX® offers an unparalleled range of options to meet the diverse needs of your patients. Whether it's IPL technology with 5 different wavelengths or laser handpieces with adjustable spot sizes, the ETHEREA-MX® allows you to perform a wide range of aesthetic treatments with precision and versatility.

With the ETHEREA-MX®, you can take your clinical practice to the next level and offer your patients a wide range of effective treatments. Discover the capabilities of this powerful laser platform today and grow your practice.

Benefits of the Etherea platform:

  • 7 unique, gold standard technologies;
  • Able to treat 70+ indications;
  • Solution for all skin types;
  • More than 1,000 systems installed worldwide
  • Potential technological expansions in the future;
  • Maximum ROI in an all-in-one system with numerous handpieces available.
  • 2-year warranty with full-time support
  • compact and easily portable design 
  • fast, easy plug-and-play handpieces;
Technology Light and laser platform
Handpieces Up to 7 handpieces possible
Input voltage Automatic Dual Voltage (110-220V)
Dimensions and weight  48 x 88 x 43 cm; 52.5 Kg


This device works in conjunction with
Dualmode handpiece for ethereal platform from Vydence


Works with: Etherea-MX
Handpiece of etherea vydence, NdYap , prodeep laser

Pro Deep

Works with: Etherea-MX
IPL handpiece from Vydence


Works with: ETHEREA-MX®
Long-pulse handpiece from Vydence


Works with: ETHEREA-MX®

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