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Transform your practice with IPL-SQ®: The ultimate professional IPL device!

Discover the power of IPL-SQ®, the ultimate professional IPL device that combines effective results, enhanced safety and versatility in one handpiece. With its exclusive SQUARE-WAVE Pulse® technology and indications for rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular lesions, hair removal and acne treatment, IPL-SQ® offers a multidisciplinary approach to a wide range of skin conditions.
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IPL-SQ® introduces the next generation of IPL technology and allows professionals to purchase a high-performance IPL device for professional use. With exclusive SQUARE-WAVE Pulse® technology, IPL-SQ® combines effective results, enhanced safety and versatility in a single handpiece. Whether you are looking for an IPL device to purchase for professional treatments in the areas of rejuvenation, pigmentation, superficial vascular lesions, hair removal or active acne, IPL-SQ® offers the ideal solution with its advanced technology and wide range of treatment options.

Unlike traditional IPL devices, where the energy discharge is free and the energy delivered at the beginning of the pulse time is greater than at the end, IPL-SQ®'s SQUARE-WAVE Pulse® technology ensures controlled and uniform energy delivery throughout the pulse. This discharge configuration excludes the formation of critical risk zones that can cause unwanted effects, thus guarantees a constant and uniform spectral pulse, resulting in better therapeutic results and a safe and effective procedure.

IPL-SQ® offers impressive spectrum versatility. With 5 filters available in one handpiece (400, 540, 580, 640 and 695 nm) and an intelligent system with automatic wavelength recognition, this IPL device is specifically designed for the most requested treatment indications in clinics worldwide. In addition, IPL-SQ® incorporates the acclaimed VASCUTIPS TM, allowing treatments of less accessible areas and localized lesions. Discover the extensive capabilities of IPL-SQ® and enhance your treatment options.

IPL-SQ® is the ideal IPL device to buy professionally because it is designed to meet the diverse needs of different skin types. With longer pulse duration up to 100 ms and safe filtered light at 695 nm, IPL-SQ® enables treatments on dark skin types with optimal safety and efficiency. The integrated contact cooling with sapphire tip and temperature control provides additional comfort and safety during treatment.

With a large coverage area of up to 40 x 12 mm and a high repetition rate of up to 2 Hz, IPL-SQ® offers fast treatments with optimal efficiency. The SQUARE-WAVE Pulse® technology delivers pulses with a high dose of energy that in practice guarantee better results for all treatment indications. Moreover, pulses with variable duration from 5 to 100 ms provide the right parameters for different treatments while ensuring safety even for darker skin types.

Discover the revolutionary IPL-SQ® with SQUARE-WAVE Pulse® technology and experience its effective results, enhanced safety and versatile treatment options. Whether for skin rejuvenation, treatment of pigmentation, superficial vascular lesions, hair removal or active acne, IPL-SQ® offers an advanced and reliable solution for a wide range of skin conditions.

Don't wait any longer and make the best choice for professional use. Buy the IPL handpiece vydence and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology, reliable results and comprehensive treatment options. With IPL-SQ®, you can take your practice to the next level and offer your clients the high-quality treatments they deserve.

Wavelength  400-1200 nm
Filters 400, 540, 580, 640 and 695 nm
Spot size 40 x 12 mm
Vascutip Ø 8 mm and 12 x 12 mm
Maximum Fluence  33 J/cm2
Pulse duration 5 to 100 ms
Cooling system Built-in sapphire contact cooling
Rehearsal rate up to 2 Hz
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