Skin Analysis

The Importance of A Pro Skin Analysis device for recommending the right products and treatments for healthy skin


Before starting any laser treatment, it is crucial to perform a thorough skin analysis. Fortunately, the latest Lifeviz technology provides an excellent solution for this essential step in the treatment process. With this advanced skin analysis device, both the face and body can be thoroughly analyzed, ensuring that a customized treatment can be recommended. Moreover, the Lifeviz pro software also makes it possible to take before and after photos, with exactly the same position and lighting. Thanks to this advanced tool, performing an accurate skin analysis and documenting the progress of treatments becomes effortless.

Description Skin Analysis Devices

Skin analysis devices are valuable tools that provide detailed information about skin condition for a salon. This advanced technology allows professionals to carefully analyze the skin to create an accurate customized plan. Performing a thorough skin analysis allows professionals to understand the specific needs of their clients and develop a personalized treatment plan. This allows for the selection of the right products, treatments and technologies that best suit the individual skin condition and desired outcome.

Benefits of a skin analysis device for Both Professionals and Clients

Skin analysis devices not only provide valuable insights for professionals, but are also extremely beneficial to you as a client. They assist in visualizing skin condition, monitoring the progress of treatments and providing education on skin care and improvement. For example, sun damage/ pigmentation invisible to the eye can be measured, deeper and superficial wrinkles, enlarged pores and other skin problems. A comprehensive analysis of the client's skin is essential to determine exactly what the skin needs based on measurements and to form an advice around this.

Investing in Advanced Technology for analysis of your skin

If you want to benefit from the versatility and precision of a skin analysis device/ skin analyzer, consider purchasing one for your practice today. With innovative devices like the professional Lifeviz, you'll be able to perform detailed analyses, customize treatments and accurately document treatment progress. Invest in the best skin analysis technology and take your practice to the next level. Make the decision to purchase a skin analysis device and offer your clients the most personalized and effective treatments for their skin.


Skin analysis devices are an essential part of modern aesthetic practice, allowing professionals to make the right decisions and offer clients effective and customized treatments for optimal results.

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